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Below are some of my favorite places to take pictures.  However, I am always open to new locations if you have someplace particular you would like to have your session.


Comfy & Cozy, my studio is set up for a wonderful newborn session, cake smash, or whatever you like! This space works best for smaller groups under 6 people

Journal Center

Fun urban area near Journal Center! The red phone booths, beautiful archways, cool bridges, and green space are a great option for funky family photos with lots of color and movement!

Family Size: Ideal for families under 10 people

Time of year: best in spring, summer & fall

Time of day: Evening & Morning

Accessibility: Short easy walk

Beautiful lush scenery along Rio Grande Blvd, white fences, arroyo spots and great bittersweet, this location is perfect for the heart of the valley!

Family Size: Any size! 

Time of year: Spring, Summer & Fall are ideal, Winter is very pretty, however, you will see trees without leaves! 

Time of day: Morning & Evening

Accessibility: Short walk

Rio Grande Area

Huge trees in a secluded area, all seasons do not disappoint here, but summer and fall are spectacular!

Family Size: Any

Ideal of year: Spring, Summer & Fall

Time of day: Any

Accessibility: There is a walk over a bridge and sandy ground.