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Below are some of my favorite places to take pictures.  However, I am always open to new locations if you have someplace particular you would like to have your session.


Comfy & Cozy, my studio is set up for a wonderful newborn session, cake smash, or whatever you like! This space works best for smaller groups under 6 people

Journal Center

Fun urban area near Journal Center! The red phone booths, beautiful archways, cool bridges, and green space are a great option for funky family photos with lots of color and movement!

Family Size: Ideal for families under 10 people

Time of year: best in spring, summer & fall

Time of day: Evening & Morning

Accessibility: Short easy walk

Beautiful lush scenery along Rio Grande Blvd, white fences, arroyo spots and great bittersweet, this location is perfect for the heart of the valley!

Family Size: Any size! 

Time of year: Spring, Summer & Fall are ideal, Winter is very pretty, however, you will see trees without leaves! 

Time of day: Morning & Evening

Accessibility: Short walk

Rio Grande Area

Huge trees in a secluded area, all seasons do not disappoint here, but summer and fall are spectacular!

Family Size: Any

Ideal of year: Spring, Summer & Fall

Time of day: Any

Accessibility: There is a walk over a bridge and sandy ground.

La Luz Trail/Stone Cabin

In the foothills, this location is the best of the Sandias mixed with spectacular golden hour potential. Also has a great rustic cabin that makes for a unique backdrop!  Short 2 minute hike to get to the best shooting location. 

Family Size: Any

Time of year: Any (This is AMAZING in all seasons!) Tends to have large quantities of gnats in the summer, ask me about your session date if you want this spot in the summer! 

Time of day: Evening or Morning

Accessibility: There is a short hike