Below are some of my favorite places to take pictures.  However, I am always open to new locations if you have someplace particular you would like to have your session.


Comfy & Cozy, my studio is set up for a wonderful newborn session, cake smash, or whatever you like! This space works best for smaller groups!


Fun urban area near Journal Center! The red phone booths, beautiful archways, cool bridges, and green space are a great option for funky family photos with lots of color and movement!

Beautiful lush scenery along Rio Grande Blvd, white fences, arroyo spots and great bittersweet, this location is perfect for the heart of the valley!


Huge trees in a secluded area, all seasons do not disappoint here, but summer and fall are spectacular! 


In the foothills, this location is the best of the Sandias mixed with spectacular golden hour potential. Also has a great rustic cabin that makes for a unique backdrop!  Short 2 minute hike to get to the best shooting location.


Want trees, water, field, flowers, bridge, open grass? This is your spot! This location is amazing for many different feels and all are super accessible! Golden hour is stunning here as well!!


The beach in New Mexico! Fantastic views of the mountains from the banks of the Rio Grande River at the north end of Corrales.  This can have a great bosque feel as well as the great water and beach feel!


Stunning afternoon sunsets nestled in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. The natural cacti and pinion trees, as well as as great dried river bed, are the essence of New Mexico! There is a $2 parking fee since this is a city park.


 Stunning gardens, with ponds and waterfalls, rustic buildings and arches of roses!! The variety of backdrops and foliage is endless!  COLD out? The atriums are a great place indoors to take photos! This location has an extra $25 photography permit fee plus entrance to the park! 

Temporarily Closed due to COVID


Beautiful, historic Old Town is a classic place to take your photos! The colors, rustic beams and adobe classic city feel is stunning for your photos! 


The possibilities are endless in Corrales! From the beautiful arroyo, to the grassy fields of the rec center, to a perfect tree-lined road for your photos! This is a great place to get photos! 

Urban and chic, the Civic Plaza is a fun place to take photos with a city twist! There are amazing buildings, colors, and opportunities for your photos to be unique to you! 


At the base of the Sandia Mountains, this is the perfect spot for big pines, rustic paths, and a great mountain feel! This is also a great winter snow place, yet is stunning summer and fall!! There is a small $30 Travel Fee for this location!


At the top of the Sandia's is a perfect spot for photos! This location can be a mix of mountain trees and breathtaking views. Typically we drive to the top parking lot, but you can also take the Tram to the top. There is a $40 travel fee for this location! 


Tucked away in the heart of Corrales, this amazing location has a perfect little cabin, field and beautiful patios, perfect for your sessions! This is a private location that only I have permission to shoot at, so your photos will be unique and one of a kind!


About a hour from the city, white ridge is a spectacular area with amazing white rock and beautiful vistas! It is super unique and a perfect spot any time of the year! There is a about a 1/4 mile walk to the location from parking. This location has a $40 travel fee!