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Your Baby’s First Year with Kate Buckles Photography

At Kate Buckles Photography, we understand how important it is to capture the delicate moments, joy, and laughter of your baby’s first year. Milestone photography is a beautiful way to preserve these precious memories and celebrate your little one's growth and achievements.

3 month old baby in cute prop

Why Milestone Photography?

1. Rapid Growth: Babies grow and change so quickly during their first year. Milestone photography allows you to document these transformations, from their tiny newborn days to their first birthday celebration.

2. Special Moments: Every stage of your baby’s first year is filled with special moments. From their first smile to their first steps, each milestone is a unique story worth capturing and remembering.

3. Creating Memories: These photos will become cherished keepsakes that you can look back on and share with your child as they grow older. They also make beautiful additions to family albums and home decor.

baby sitting in the park

When to Schedule Milestone Sessions:

Newborn (0-3 Months): Capture the delicate moments of your baby’s early days. These sessions focus on their tiny features and the sweet bond between parents and baby.

3-6 Months: At this stage, babies start to develop their personality. These sessions are perfect for capturing their curious expressions and interactions with the world around them.

6-9 Months: Babies are usually sitting up and starting to crawl. This is a fun time to capture their sense of adventure and the joy they bring to your family.

9-12 Months: Your baby is likely standing or even taking their first steps. These sessions celebrate their growing independence and the excitement of their first year.

Click HERE and let’s create beautiful memories together that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

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