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Old Town Charm - Location Highlight

We're here to share the scoop on one of our favorite places to snap away – the picturesque Old Town in Albuquerque. At Kate Buckles Photography, we believe in capturing the essence of joy, delicate beauty, and contagious laughter, and Old Town provides the perfect backdrop for it all.

family of seven sitting on steps in front of a turquoise door in old town

  1. Timeless Beauty: Old Town, with its adobe architecture and New Mexico flair, exudes a timeless beauty that makes every photo feel like a stroll through history. The combination of rustic charm and Southwestern flair creates a unique atmosphere that adds a touch of magic to your images.

  2. Delicate Details: The beauty of Old Town lies in its delicate details – from the intricately designed doors to the vibrant colors adorning the buildings. Our lens is poised to capture these subtleties, creating photos that showcase the delicate charm of this historic gem.

  3. Authenticity in Every Shot: There's something special about the authenticity that Old Town brings to each frame. Whether it's the laughter echoing from the bustling plaza or the joyous expressions of people enjoying a sunny day, every photo tells a genuine story of the vibrant life in this cultural hub.

  4. A Canvas of Colors: Old Town is a kaleidoscope of colors, yet plenty of options for a neutral backdrop as well. These moments create a canvas of colors that adds vibrancy and life to your photos, making them truly stand out.

  5. Capturing Laughter in the Courtyard: The Old Town courtyard and its gazebo, with its lively atmosphere and charming shops, is a perfect spot for capturing spontaneous laughter. It's a joyful place that reflects the heart and soul of Albuquerque, and we love freezing those infectious moments in time.

Whether you're a local looking to showcase your love for Albuquerque or a visitor wanting to capture the essence of this historic district, Old Town provides a backdrop that weaves joy, delicate beauty, and laughter into every photograph. Let's explore this charming treasure together and create images that tell your unique story! Click HERE to book!

family of 4 in old town

family of 4 in old town

family of four in old town

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