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Preparing for the Perfect Mess: Your Guide to a One-Year-Old's Cake Smash Session

The excitement of your little one's first birthday is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a cake smash session at Kate Buckles Photography? To ensure you're well-prepared for this adorable adventure, here's your guide to making the most of your one-year-old's cake smash session.

baby boy in overalls about to eat his cake

1. Choose the Perfect Outfits: Selecting outfits that are not only cute but also easy to change is key. Your little one will have the opportunity for two outfit changes during the session, so consider bringing options that complement the theme or color scheme you have in mind.

2. Opt for Comfortable Clothing for Yourself: While your little one will be the star of the show, it's a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around easily. This way, you can fully engage in the joy and laughter of the cake smash experience.

3. Coordinate the Theme: Whether you have a specific theme in mind or prefer a classic look, coordinating colors and accessories can add an extra touch of charm to the photos. From balloons to banners, feel free to bring along any props that match the envisioned theme.

4. Embrace the Mess: A cake smash session is all about embracing the mess and capturing those delightful, messy moments. Dress your little one in a diaper cover or a cute outfit that's easy to clean, allowing them to fully enjoy the cake without any wardrobe worries.

5. Bring Personal Touches: Incorporating personal touches, such as a favorite toy or a special prop, can add sentimental value to the session. These items can also help comfort your little one and make the experience even more enjoyable.

6. Consider Family Involvement: If you've opted for the Family add-on, think about coordinating family outfits and choosing the perfect outdoor location. Including family members in the session can add an extra layer of joy and create beautiful memories together.

7. Milk Bath or Bubble Bath Add-On: Looking to extend the fun? Consider adding a milk bath or bubble bath experience after the cake smash for an adorable and playful continuation of the celebration. This add-on option is available for just $40, with all supplies provided.

8. Relax and Enjoy: Most importantly, relax and enjoy the session! Our goal is to capture the genuine joy, delicate moments, and laughter of this milestone. Let your little one lead the way, and we'll create a gallery of memories you'll cherish forever.

baby boy crawling

As you prepare for your one-year-old's cake smash session, keep these tips in mind to make the experience memorable and stress-free. We can't wait to capture the sweetness and messiness of this special celebration at Kate Buckles Photography!

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