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Preparing for Your Glitter Mini Session with Kate Buckles Photography

Planning for your upcoming Glitter Mini Session with us? Here are a few essential tips to ensure your session is filled with joy, delicate moments, and laughter:

1. Wardrobe Matters: The most crucial element for a dazzling Glitter Mini Session is choosing the perfect outfit. Opt for colors that complement the vibrant sparkle of the glitter. Whether it's a playful dress, casual jeans, or a combination that reflects your style, your outfit sets the tone for a session filled with laughter and enchanting moments.

2. Time is of the Essence: Being on time is key to maximizing your glittery experience. Glitter Mini Sessions are designed to capture the magic within a short timeframe. Arriving promptly ensures we have ample time to create beautiful memories without feeling rushed. Punctuality contributes to a relaxed atmosphere, allowing the joy of the session to unfold seamlessly.

3. Embrace the Fun: Remember, Glitter Mini Sessions are all about fun and spontaneity. Come with an open heart, ready to embrace the joyous atmosphere. Let the laughter flow naturally, and allow the glitter to add a touch of magic to your moments.

announcement for glitter minis February 10th

We look forward to capturing these delicate moments filled with laughter and joy during your Glitter Mini Session at Kate Buckles Photography! We have a few sessions left for this weekend! Book HERE asap!

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