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Tips for Making Children's Photoshoots a Breeze

Hello, wonderful parents and photography enthusiasts! If you're gearing up for a photoshoot with your little ones, you're in for a delightful adventure. At Kate Buckles Photography, we've got some tips to ensure your children's photoshoot is not just a breeze but a treasure trove of fun, joy, and delicate moments.

picture of family with two young kids

1. Choose the Right Time:

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to little ones. Schedule your photoshoot during a time when your children are typically at their best – well-rested and well-fed. A happy tummy and plenty of energy set the stage for a joyful and cooperative session.

2. Bring Comfort Items:

Whether it's a favorite stuffed animal, a cozy blanket, or a beloved toy, bringing comfort items can make your child feel at ease during the shoot. These items act as familiar anchors, providing comfort and helping to create those delicate and genuine moments.

3. Embrace Playfulness:

Children thrive in environments filled with play and laughter. Encourage playfulness during the photoshoot by incorporating games, silly jokes, or playful prompts. This not only makes the session enjoyable for your little ones but also results in candid moments that radiate joy.

4. Dress for Success:

Choose outfits that not only look adorable but also allow your children to move freely. Comfortable clothing ensures that they can play, run, and explore, contributing to a more relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

5. Go with the Flow:

Children are full of surprises, and that's the beauty of it! Embrace their spontaneity and be flexible. If they want to explore a certain area or strike a particular pose, go with the flow. It often leads to the most genuine and delightful moments captured on camera.

6. Snack Breaks are A-OK:

Snack breaks are not just allowed; they're encouraged! Keep a stash of their favorite snacks on hand to recharge their energy and keep those smiles shining. It's a win-win for happy kiddos and fabulous photos.

7. Involve Them in the Planning:

Engage your children in the planning process. Let them choose a favorite prop, accessory, or even a location for the photoshoot. When they feel involved, it adds a sense of ownership and excitement, contributing to a more cooperative and enjoyable session.

8. Capture Their Interests:

Whether it's a love for bubbles, a fascination with flowers, or a passion for pretending to be superheroes, tailor the photoshoot to capture their interests. When children are engaged in activities they love, the joy radiates, resulting in heartwarming and authentic photographs.

9. Patience is the Secret Sauce:

Patience is truly a virtue, especially during children's photoshoots. Take your time, let them explore, and allow the moments to unfold naturally. The more patient and relaxed you are, the more likely you are to capture those delicate and heartwarming instances.

10. Trust the Photographer:

Last but certainly not least, trust your photographer at Kate Buckles Photography. Our team has experience working with children of all ages, and we know how to create an environment that brings out the best in your little ones. Trust us to capture the magic while you focus on enjoying the special moments with your children.

family of six posing with their newborn

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