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Alternatives to Dull School Photos

We can never have enough photos of our children but let’s face it; school photos aren’t always our first choice when it comes to what to hang up around the house. Especailly in a year when most school photos didn't happen!!

If you’re growing a little tired of the usual school photo formula year after year, why not consider taking some professional headshots at a studio instead? Below are just some of the differences between school photos and studio photos.

The Backdrop

School Photos: Your child’s school photos are usually shot in front of a generic, sometimes tacky, background. These backgrounds tend to be distracting and move the focus off your child completely.


Studio Photos: Shooting professional headshots in a studio means you have the option of choosing a more classic backdrop, something that keeps the focus on your child.

Posing and Smiling

School Photos: When it’s time to take school photos, kids are called up one at a time, placed in a standard pose and told to smile in front of a complete stranger before being rushed out the door again.


Studio Photos: A professional photographer takes the time to make your child feel more comfortable in front of the camera, which results in a natural expression and smile. They also try a variety of poses so that you walk away with more memorable shots of your kids.

The End Result

School Photos: When you receive your child’s school photos you usually get one or two standard photos in various sizes. There is nothing unique or special about the shots and they usually end up in a drawer in the house.


Studio Photos: A professional photographer not only takes a variety of photos of your child but they spend time editing them too, resulting in photos you can proudly display in your house, photos you know aren’t present in the homes of every other child at school.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to book a to take a few headshots of your child if you’re looking for something a little more special to remember your child’s school years by!



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