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Fun Crafts to Showcase Your Vibrant Spring Photos!

With Easter and the refreshing vibes of spring just around the corner, it's the perfect time to spruce up your space with vibrant and lively photos. After all, who wants to be stuck with wintery pics when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming?

Here are some fun and creative crafts to showcase your spring photos and bring the spirit of the season indoors:

mom with kids in a spring photo

1. Floral Photo Wreath: Create a charming floral wreath using faux or dried flowers and mini clothespins. Print out your favorite spring photos and attach them to the wreath for a personalized touch. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests or display it indoors as a cheerful wall decor piece.

2. Spring Photo Garland: String together your spring photos with colorful twine or ribbon to make a festive photo garland. Add decorative elements like pom-poms or paper flowers for extra flair. Hang it across your fireplace mantel, staircase, or along a blank wall to add a pop of springtime color to any room.

3. DIY Photo Coasters: Transform your spring photos into functional and stylish coasters. Print out your photos on adhesive-backed paper and affix them to ceramic tiles. Seal them with a waterproof sealant for added durability. These custom coasters are perfect for adding a personal touch to your Easter brunch or spring gatherings.

4. Spring Photo Collage Frame: Create a collage frame using an old windowpane or a large picture frame with multiple openings. Print out a variety of spring photos showcasing outdoor adventures, Easter egg hunts, or blooming flowers. Arrange them in the frame for a whimsical and nostalgic display that captures the essence of the season.

5. Floral Photo Mason Jars: Upcycle empty mason jars into charming photo vases. Print out small spring photos and adhere them to the jars using mod podge. Fill the jars with fresh or faux flowers for a delightful centerpiece that brightens up any tabletop or shelf.

With these fun and easy crafts, you can showcase your favorite spring photos in style and infuse your home with the vibrant energy of the season.

If you need spring photos for these crafts, click HERE!!

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