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Maternity Photos ARE For You!

Maternity Photos— Are you thinking ‘not really for me’? Well, hear me out —You absolutely, 100% deserve to feel beautiful, even at 30 plus weeks pregnant!! You say, ‘Yeah but Kate, the swelling… the heartburn… the back pains…the you name it, isn’t really something I want to remember, let alone photograph.’

Although I agree with you there, because trust me, I had alllll of the not-so-fun symptoms of pregnancy too, professional photographs will allow you to look back at your beautiful and glowing body and be able to see just that—a beautiful and glowing YOU!

You may not feel it or even be able to look in the mirror and see past the physical discomforts, but I can promise you—

YOU are glowing!! You ARE beautiful!!

So just for fun, here are my top reasons to take maternity photos, and why I am SO glad I did with my babies!!

1.) There is something amazing about looking at the photos once you have had your baby and know them, and realizing it was that little one in your tummy… mind-blowing!

2.) Oh yeah, and showing your child those photos?! My three kids LOVE to look at our photos and figure out which baby was in mommy’s tummy! What an amazing way for your child to feel celebrated even before they were born!

3.) I sure didn’t feel cute, and if I am honest, I was not even close to the girl who was "all bump". Nope, I gained it all. But when I got my photos back, I was able to truly see the miracle and the beauty in my body... instead of just feeling blah about my body.

4.) You know about two weeks postpartum, your mind does this crazy wipe out thing and suddenly being pregnant feels like a dream! I would always ask my husband how big my tummy really was, and felt shocked at how big I actually was! It is so fun to look back and truly be in awe of how my body changed to grow my sweet boys!

One of my beautiful clients has been so dear to share her thoughts post-maternaty photo session. 

“Along with the many emotions of creating a beautiful little human comes the reality of the many changes your body undergoes to make such a miracle. The changes aren’t always desirable and sometimes you don’t feel your most beautiful. Something I knew I always wanted were maternity photos to capture this brief but magical moment in my life, a moment that very well may only happen once. That being said Kate had way of showcasing the miracle of what my body is capable of by highlighting my best features, making this new mama feel gorgeous in her new body. I will forever cherish the gorgeous photos I have from such a talented photographer, and smile back on this truly special time in my life. All thanks to Kate!” -Allison Wenzel

If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I have a love and passion for all things baby—from pregnancy, to birth, to well, everything except the sleepless nights. With that being said, I truly believe that pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle—Let’s capture that miracle so that you can look back and remember just how miraculous YOUR body is!! 

Not sure what to wear?! During your maternity session you’re welcome to wear more than one outfit! I often suggest you start with a more casual outfit, and then we change into a dress, or something more dressy! Here are my favorite options for amazing maternity dresses!

To rent: (a great option to get an amazing dress you wouldn’t want to actually buy for a one-time photoshoot!)

Want to buy?! As always, Amazon wins and has AMAZING dresses for cheap (think in the $20-$40 range!!) They aren’t always the highest quality, but for a photo session it oftentimes doesn’t matter!! 

Ready to book your maternity session? Click Here for all the details!! I also have packages that make it more affordable for YOU if you want to do Maternity & Newborn!



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