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Resolutions and how to Track Progress

As we dive headfirst into the promise of a brand new year, the team at Kate Buckles Photography is here to sprinkle a little extra joy, delicate intention, and laughter into your New Year's resolutions. Here's how:

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  1. Frame Your Resolutions: This year, let's turn those resolutions into a visual journey. Frame your goals with a vision board or a series of photographs that encapsulate the essence of your aspirations. Whether it's joyous moments, delicate details, or laughter-filled milestones, use visuals to manifest your dreams.

  2. Capture the Joy of Progress: As you embark on your resolutions, celebrate the joy of progress. Whether it's a fitness journey, a new skill you're learning, or moments of self-discovery, capture these milestones with photographs. Watching your progress unfold can be a powerful motivator.

  3. Create a Resolutions Photoshoot: Make your resolutions even more memorable with a resolutions-themed photoshoot. Whether it's a solo session capturing your strength, a family shoot celebrating shared goals, or a fun session highlighting laughter in the pursuit of joy, let's make your resolutions a visual adventure.

  4. Intertwine Delicate Rituals: Infuse delicate rituals into your resolutions. Whether it's a morning routine captured in a series of photos or a quiet moment of reflection, intertwine the beauty of delicate details into the fabric of your daily habits.

  5. Laughter-Filled Resolutions: Laughter is the secret ingredient to a successful resolution journey. Whether it's trying something new, embracing challenges, or finding humor in setbacks, let laughter be the soundtrack to your resolutions. Capture those hilarious moments that make the journey all the more worthwhile.

  6. Document Your Joyful Moments: Make it a point to document the joyful moments that arise along your resolution path. Whether it's the elation of reaching a milestone or the simple joy found in the pursuit of your goals, let your photos tell the story of a year filled with positive change.

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At Kate Buckles Photography, we believe in the power of images to tell stories, capture delicate moments, and celebrate the journey of a well-lived life. May your New Year be filled with joy, delicate intentions, and laughter that echoes through every resolution. Here's to a year of beautiful moments and successful resolutions!

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