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Support Local, Without Spending a DIME!!!

We keep hearing it everywhere we turn, SUPPORT LOCAL! And it is a great message, so many of our favorite restaurants, stores, and other small business are hurting right now! This is such a sweet time to band together and support each other! In an effort to give you tangible ways to support your favorite businesses, here is a list that does NOT COST A DIME!!!

I know before I had my own business, I had no idea how much these things did help. but from first-hand experience, they make a WORLD of a difference! Because of these things listed below, I can honestly say it has helped me grow my business ten-fold!!

Help a girl out! (AND use this list for ALL your favorite Small Businesses!!)

1. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram @katebucklesphotography (did you know that your "like" makes my page higher in the algorithm making me easier to find? One click of your mouse means the world to my business!)

2. Like and comment on Facebook and Instagram posts (Again, interaction shows the algorithms to place me higher in searches!)

3. Share my page with those who would be interested! There is an option to invite friends to like the page, this not only helps me get more likes, but also helps those needing a photographer find me! My business, like most, it mainly by word of mouth!!

4. Have you done a session with me? Write a review on Facebook, Google or Yelp

5. LASTLY, Vote for me to win Best Photographer! (Go to scroll to the bottom and write in the line Best Category we left out "Best Photographer - Kate Buckles Photography") Voting ENDS on the 31st, so GO VOTE NOW!!!!

I am SO grateful for each of you and your support of my small business, if you have a small business, please share it back with me, and I will do everything I can to support as well!

We are all in this together! 

Love, Kate

PS - Want to support by buying a Gift Certificate? You can do so HERE!

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