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Timing is Everything: Capturing Your Maternity Shoot

When it comes to scheduling your maternity shoot, timing truly is everything. At Kate Buckles Photography, we believe that booking your session between 30 and 34 weeks is the sweet spot for capturing those radiant moments of pregnancy. Here's why:

pregnant mama smiling for a pic

1. Glowing Mama Vibes: Around the 30 to 34-week mark, many mamas-to-be are positively radiant with that beautiful pregnancy glow. This is the perfect time to capture that special glow and celebrate the beauty of this transformative time in your life.

2. Comfort is Key: By scheduling your maternity shoot during this window, you'll likely still be feeling comfortable and mobile, making it easier to strike those perfect poses and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Plus, you'll have a lovely baby bump to showcase in your photos!

3. Timing is Everything: Booking your session within this timeframe also helps ensure that you don't miss out on capturing these delicate moments before your little one arrives. By scheduling your shoot too early, you might miss out on that gorgeous baby bump. On the other hand, waiting too late could mean risking the chance of your baby making an early debut and missing your photoshoot altogether.

4. Joy and Laughter Await: With Kate Buckles Photography, you can expect a fun and relaxed atmosphere during your maternity shoot. We'll work closely with you to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience, filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of precious moments to cherish.

So, if you're a mama-to-be looking to capture the beauty of pregnancy in stunning photos, click HERE to schedule your maternity shoot with us.

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