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  • Kate Buckles

Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos

Being outdoors in the sun is a great setting for some fun photos of you and your loved ones. In order to get the best results from your session, there are a few things to consider before you step in front of my camera!

1. Bring along some tissues & concealer powder. Unless it's a cool day, you're probably going to sweat. (Even as we are getting into cooler months!) Bring along some tissues for dabbing off the sweat and your concealer powder for touch-ups.

3. There might be bugs. Photos in the woods can be romantic and beautiful but depending on the time of day and the area you’re in, it could mean swatting away flies and mosquitos. A little bug repellent can make your photo session a lot more pleasant! I often bring some with me, but I highly suggest wearing some especially if we are doing your session in the bosque near the river! It is never fun to be swatting mosquitos who trying to have fun and take great photos!

4. Stay hydrated. Posing for pictures may not seem like hard work but as we walk around, it is always nice to have water!! It always seems like kids especially love to take a drink while we are doing photos! It is a great way to reset little kids as well during the session!

6. What you wear matters. Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits your body shape. Feel free to incorporate accessories such as a hat but don’t let it overwhelm the photo.

7. Choose your time of day. I will always help you choose the right time of day, but as a rule avoid mid day at all costs! When the sun is high in the sky we get really harsh photos and if it is warm at all just way to miserable! If we do morning sessions, I will often suggest before 10am, and evenings, my goal is a hour before sunset so we can get beautiful golden hour light!!

You come ready, and I will take care of the rest!!



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