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Welcome to 2020!!! {And some FUN 2019 numbers!!}

(Shall we just ignore it is more than half way thought January?!)

I’m not sure what I am most excited about—all that has happened in 2019 or all that I am looking forward to for 2020! Guys, 2019 was nothing short of incredible—with all of it’s highs, lows, uncertainties and in-betweens, I can say from my business standpoint that it was the best year yet! I never could’ve even dreamed up the dream that I am living—being able to capture all of the beautiful families, precious babies, birthday celebrations, graduating seniors, etc. is truly a dream come true for me!

I thought I would provide a little summary of 2019 (from a photography stand point) to let you in on how much fun I am having. Bellow are some numbers that get me all kinds of giddy inside:

  • 79 Full Family Sessions (Yep, that’s 79 individual families at amazing places around our COOL city!)

  • Mini’s Mini’s Mini’s…. 216! AHHHH, what fun! 216 really fun mini sessions, from Valentine’s, to Bunnies and Chicks to snowy Christmas minis!!

  • And the babies, so many ADORABLE fresh babies! 48 in all to be exact! This year was a year of HUGE growth with babies! I started the year by taking an 80 hour class on wrapping, infant safety, and everything in-between to make sure I have the tools to give you the best!! 2020 is going to be even better!!!

  • While I am on the subject of babies, I was able to attend 6 amazing births with strong, amazing mommas! From home births, to Dar a Luz to UNMH!! And the really fun part? I had not planned on doing any last year while I waited for my baby to get older!! SO, I consider these 6 amazing bonus births!!

  • Not to mention about 46 other sessions through the year, from 3 weddings to headshots, to cake smash and sweet milestone photos. AHHHHHH, amazing fun!

  • As my amazing accountant/numbers guy husband has told me, 2019 was a 335% growth from 2018!!!

After typing that out for you, I am blown away with gratitude! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Thank you for letting me capture all of these amazing moments and unforgettable smiles in 2019!! I CANNOT wait to work with you in 2020!!

If you are someone reading this who isn’t included in the above numbers, head on over to my webpage, shoot me an email, send me a text…I would be honored to chat with you, work with you, and get you some photos of YOUR moments in 2020!!



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