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What to Wear To Your Family Session

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I booked a family session, now what do we wear?

Picking out family outfits for a photo shoot can be stressful, unless you’ve just got the natural eye for it, in which case please just pop right down to the bottom comment section and share your ideas too!

I imagine most people stress about what to wear far more than they need to. Family photo shoots are supposed to be FUUNN, and that includes the 'getting ready’  part. You don’t want to look back at your beautiful pictures and think, ‘We look gooood, but too bad it was so stressful to get those outfits put together.’

In order to hopefully simplify things for you, I put together some ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’ when it comes to picking out your families outfits. I hope this will help your photo day be even that much more enjoyable!


Keep It Simple. I’ve found that in general, solids look the best. Now, if one or two people have a pattern and/or texture (ie scarf, vest, etc.) then that totally can work great to break things up a bit. But try to think simple.


Don’t go crazy with patterns or have everyone try to wear the exact same color. In pictures if everyone is wearing the same color of top without any break up, it can tend to look like one big blob of color in the middle; this takes away from your beautiful faces!


Coordinate 2-3 colors. Plan the color palette and vibe that you want, and go for it! I’ve found that it’s easiest to grab that one outfit/shirt that you’re super in to, and build everyone else’s outfits around that. If you have a pickier dresser in the family, get him/her squared away first and build the others around it. 


Don’t forgo the planning part. I know, I know, I said I didn’t want it to be stressful, but planning ahead should make it less stressful, not more. Don’t “wing it” on photo day; you’ll be scrambling around last minute. Pull those outfits out, lay/hang them all next to each other, mix ‘n match, change around, etc. until you’re happy with what you see. 


Be Yourself. Ultimately you want to be comfortable, and you want your family to be comfortable. You do not want your 2, 3, or even strong willed 10 year old pulling, scratching about crying about that oh-so-cute bow-tie that he’s never worn before. Photo shoot day is not the day to try out a new style of hair, makeup or clothes. Above all else, you want your photos to look like YOU!


Look up ideas on Pintrest! If I am being honest, that is my go to for my own photos!

Still have some questions? You can totally reach out to me beforehand with any questions you might have! I often have text exchanges with families sending all the outfits laying on the bed!

Feel free to check out my family portfolio for some more visuals and ideas based on what other families have worn. 

For information on family pricing and to book your next photo shoot with me, head over to my webpage. I would be honored to answer any questions you might have!



PS, ready for cute photos with REAL Bunnies and Chicks? Easter Mini sessions are OPEN now!! Put these ideas to the test and book your session ;)  

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