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  • Kate Buckles

4 Photo Craft Projects Your Kids Will Love

It's summer... and that means time to get creative and make some fun summer memories!!

Children love to be creative. Whether it’s finger painting on a Saturday morning or a new spaghetti portrait of the dog, arts and craft projects are a fantastic way to not only get them to have some fun by exerting those creative juices but it’s also great for keeping them busy for a while.

If you’re always taking photos and are looking for new ways to display them, incorporating your latest shots into your child’s next arts and craft project is the perfect way to do just that.

Here are some FUN ideas!!

1. Frame your memories. There are so many fun frames that you can make with your children that can be used to display your favorite photos. If you’re heading to the seaside for your next holiday, make a point of bringing back a few shells that can be used to create a cute frame. Grab some noodles and glue them onto a frame and paint, paint fingerprints are a cute way to decorate it! Have fun with it!

2. Create a jigsaw puzzle. Choose one of your favorite photos, enlarge it and print it. Stick the photo on some sturdy cardboard and coat it with an acrylic spray to protect it. Cut out some puzzle shapes and let your child put the photo back together again. You can also have your photos made into puzzles on many online shops like Shutterfly, they have a cure toddler one HERE too!!

3. Craft a fridge magnet. Get your child to draw something from their imagination but leave a space for a photo in the picture. Laminate the drawing and attach magnetic sheets or tape to the back for an instant photo frame for your fridge.

4. Make a mobile. A mobile is a unique way to display your family tree. Checkout sites such as Pinterest for inspiration. There are tons of creative templates to use.

Using family photos in your next arts and crafts session is the perfect way to bond with your child and share some beautiful memories. Have fun!

Make something cute with photos we have taken together? Send me a pic, I would love to see your creativity!!



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