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Behind the Lens: What Your Local Photographer (That's Us!) Wants You to Know

Hello, dear clients, friends, and fellow photography enthusiasts! As your local photographers here at Kate Buckles Photography, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to share some insights into what goes on behind the lens and what we want you to know before stepping into your next session. It's all about creating an atmosphere of fun, capturing moments of joy, and embracing those delicate, heartwarming instances that make each photo unique.

1. It's All About You:

First and foremost, we want you to know that your session is all about you. Whether it's a family portrait, a newborn shoot, or a special event, our goal is to capture the essence of you and your loved ones. We want to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to embrace the joyous moments that unfold.

2. Your Personality Shines Through:

The magic of photography lies in capturing your true personality. So, don't be afraid to let your uniqueness shine. Whether you're a family bursting with energy, a couple lost in love, or an individual with a vibrant spirit, we're here to capture those authentic moments that reflect who you are.

3. Fun is the Secret Ingredient:

Expect laughter, smiles, and maybe even a few playful moments during your session. Fun is the secret ingredient to stunning photos. We want you to enjoy the experience, and when you're having fun, it shows in the pictures. So, come ready to let loose, be yourself, and savor the joy of the moment.

4. Communication is Key:

We value open communication. Whether you have specific ideas in mind, concerns, or questions, we want to hear them. Your input is invaluable, and it helps us tailor the session to meet your expectations and capture the delicate moments that matter most to you.

5. Trust the Process:

Sometimes, the most magical moments happen when you least expect them. Trust the process, trust us, and be open to spontaneous, delightful moments. It's these unscripted instances that often turn into the most cherished photos.

6. Embrace the Location:

If we suggest a location for your shoot, know that it's chosen with care. Each location brings its own unique charm, and we want to create a backdrop that complements the mood and style you're looking for. So, embrace the location, and let it become part of your visual story.

7. Time Flies, Memories Last:

During your session, time might seem to fly by. That's the beauty of capturing moments. Please be on time!! While the clock ticks away, we're freezing those delicate, fleeting instances that will last a lifetime in your photos. Cherish each moment, and rest assured that we're focused on creating timeless memories for you.

Ready for Your Next Session?

If you're ready to step into your next session with us, know that we're just as excited to capture your moments as you are to experience them. Click HERE to schedule your session, share your ideas, and let's create a photo experience filled with fun, joy, and delicate moments that will be cherished for years to come.

Here's to capturing the magic together,

Kate Buckles Photography

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