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Capturing New Beginnings: When to Schedule Your Newborn Photos

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Congratulations on the arrival of your precious bundle of joy. These early days with your newborn are filled with delicate moments, and it's the perfect time to capture those memories with a newborn photoshoot.

Why Newborn Photos are a Must:

A newborn photoshoot is about more than just pictures. It's a way to freeze those incredibly sweet, delicate moments in time, preserving the joy and love that your newborn brings to your life. Here's why it's a must:

1. New Beginnings:

Your newborn's arrival marks the beginning of a beautiful journey as a family. These first few weeks are a time of wonder and discovery, and they deserve to be documented.

2. Time Flies:

You've probably heard it a million times, but it's true – they grow up so fast. Newborns change in the blink of an eye. A photoshoot captures those early, precious moments before they're gone.

3. Cherish Memories:

Newborn photos become cherished memories. As your baby grows, you'll look back on these pictures with a mix of nostalgia and joy, remembering the tiny hands, delicate features, and the love you felt.

4. Share the Love:

Your baby's arrival is an event your family and friends will want to celebrate. Sharing newborn photos is a wonderful way to spread the joy and love with your loved ones.

When to Schedule Your Newborn Photos:

The timing of your newborn photoshoot is crucial to capture the most delicate moments. Here's when you should consider scheduling:

1. Within the First Two Weeks:

The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks of life. During this period, babies tend to sleep more soundly and are more flexible, making it easier to capture those sweet, delicate poses.

2. Around Days 5-10:

Many photographers recommend scheduling the photoshoot between days 5 and 10, as babies are often sleepier, have smoother skin, and retain that lovely newborn "curl." It's during this time that your baby is most likely to cooperate for those heartwarming shots.

3. Flexibility Matters:

Babies are unpredictable, and that's part of the fun. It's important to book your session well in advance but remain flexible with the exact date. Photographers understand that your baby's comfort and safety come first, and they will work around your baby's schedule.

Try not to wait until the baby is born to book your photo session! The more heads up, the better! Click HERE to get your session booked!

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