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Ideas for Capturing Perfect Pictures with Dad

He reads to you and tucks you into bed, he plays catch with you and makes you laugh until your tummy hurts and he gives you good advice when you need it the most. He is your dad.

Having moments between a father and his children captured is the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day of the year and is something special that your kids will cherish years from now.

Below are a few ideas for capturing extra special shots between father and child.

  1. Get out on the mini-golf course. Nearly every dad loves a good game of golf but miniature golf is an activity that everyone can enjoy and a little friendly competition is always loads of fun. Mini golf is the perfect family outing and the laughter and fun will make for great photos. The golf course will also provide you with a colorful and playful backdrop for all your shots with dad.

  1. Fire up the grill. Summertime is great for being outside so lighting up the grill for Father’s Day is always a great idea. Give dad a break by getting the family to take over the grill for the day. Set up a nice table in the garden or on the deck and enjoy the day together. Good food, laughter, and the sunshine will create some truly memorable photos.

  2. Set out for a hike. Warm weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy a relaxing hike with dad. If he’s a big fan of the outdoors, you could even plan a weekend camping trip in a beautiful forest or near a lake, the perfect backdrop for a few photos with dad.

A father plays such an important role in the lives of his children and being able to look back at moments with your dad is truly something special!



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