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Summer Photo Shoot Prep: Staying Cool and Comfortable

At Kate Buckles Photography, we love capturing those delicate moments filled with joy and laughter, especially during the warm summer months. To help you prepare for your photo shoot in the heat, we’ve put together a few simple tips.

family during photo session

Dress Smart:

Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics to stay cool and comfortable. Light colors reflect sunlight and keep you cooler, while avoiding heavy materials will help you feel more at ease.


Drink plenty of water before and during your session. Staying hydrated is key to looking and feeling your best.

Timing Matters:

Schedule your session for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun. The lighting is also softer and more flattering during these times.

Stay Cool:

Bring along a small fan or cooling towel to help manage the heat. These little tricks can make a big difference in keeping you comfortable.

Touch-Up Kit:

Pack a small kit with essentials like blotting papers, makeup for touch-ups, and a comb or brush to keep everyone looking fresh.

Relax and Enjoy:

The most important thing is to relax and have fun. Embrace the joy and laughter of the moment, and we’ll take care of capturing those beautiful, delicate moments.

Book your session HERE and then follow these tips, and you’ll be all set for a fantastic summer photo shoot. We can’t wait to work with you and create wonderful memories!

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