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Tips for Taking a Killer Selfie

Selfies are so much fun and you probably have several stored on your smartphone. How many times have you had to take a dozen different shots just to get one that you’re happy with? Below are some easy tips that you can try the next time a selfie moment strikes.

1. Double check how you look. Before shooting your next selfie, give yourself a quick once over to check your makeup or for any bits of hair that might be sticking up.

2. Check your lighting. Any good photo needs great lighting so pose in a place that is well lit or has lots of natural light.

3. What’s in the background? We have all seen selfies where the background was filled with dirty laundry or had another person in it. Make sure that your background is flattering.

4. Play with angles. Not everyone looks the same at different angles. Play around with what works best for you and use that going forward. Try taking photos from a left or right angle and from above. Some say that holding the camera just above your eye line is the perfect angle. You can also try angling your shoulders differently for a more flattering effect.

5. Use your neck. To avoid any double chins, extend your neck and chin forward slightly to accentuate your neck and jawline.

6. It’s ok to edit. Once you’re happy with the shot it’s ok to crop it slightly or even add a filter or effect for a more unique selfie. If the background is too distracting, you can even crop it out completely.

7. Have fun with it. While there is a place for your more posed selfies, don’t be afraid to get a little silly, laugh and have fun. If you happen to be doing something interesting such as trying a new smoothie or putting on your snorkeling gear, take a quick shot.



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