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To Snack or Not to Snack?!

Here's a quick tip for your upcoming photo sessions: consider skipping the snacks during the shoot. Here's the scoop:

family of four posing in the street

Delicate Moments Deserve Full Focus: We want to capture every delicate moment, and snacks can sometimes steal the spotlight. Having a clean slate (or tummy, in this case!) helps us focus on those special moments that make your photos truly unforgettable.

Avoiding Unwanted Messiness: Munching on snacks might lead to unexpected messiness, and no one wants a photo with food bits stealing the show. Let's keep it clean and focus on the joy and laughter instead!

Plan a Pre-Session Snack and Save the Feast for Later: A good idea? Have a clean snack before the shoot so everyone's energy is up. Then, plan a little feast afterward to celebrate the wonderful time we've had together.

Thanks for considering this little snack strategy! Can't wait to capture your beautiful moments with nothing but smiles and laughter. Click HERE to make sure your next shoot is in the books!

brother in a cowboy hat with his sister for a pic

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