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Ways to Preserve Your Photos

In the attic, in the closet, in boxes on the bookcases we all have photos scattered around the house that we just don't know what to do with. While most opt for the shoebox method of storing their loose printed images this isn't always the best way to ensure they aren't damaged or lost. For all those photos you keep finding around your home try one of these ways to preserve your printed memories.

4 Ways To Better Protect Your Loose Prints

1. Photo Storage Boxes

One of the best and quickest ways to get loose piles of photos organized is with a photo storage box. They are easy to find as well and can be purchased at any local craft store. Just be sure the photo boxes are of archival quality.

2. Albums or Scrapbooks

Putting your printed photos into an album can seem like a long process. You don't have to get fancy or specific just slip your photos into an album in the best chronological order you can. If you want to get creative and add in some extra special memories create a scrapbook of your photos.

When choosing albums make sure they are made with acid and lignin free paper, they use non-PVC plastic, and that they do not have magnetic or sticky backed sheets. The best albums are ones that can accommodate various sizes of photos from wallet size to 8×10. Refrain from gluing or using an adhesive to keep your photos in place as you may change your mind.

3. Wall Art and Frames

Don't forget about the picture frames around your home. You can rotate the pictures in your frames or buy some new ones to hang on the walls as well. This is a great way to give your walls a quick and simple update while also enjoying the memories you've captured.

4. Online or Digital Album

The best way to preserve your prints is to transfer them into a digital album or folder. This is the best way to protect your images from damage and ensure you always have a backup copy... this is a huge project but you can find companies who will do if for you, or invest in a good scanner and do them yourself!!



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