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We Have You Covered with Newborn Accessories!

We're thrilled to spill the beans on a little secret – our treasure trove of adorable newborn props and swaddles that are here to turn your little one's photoshoot into a visual fairy tale. From whimsical wraps to charming accessories, we've got you covered in the cuteness department!

newborn baby with cute bear hat

A Prop Wonderland: Step into our prop wonderland where every accessory is carefully selected to enhance the charm of your newborn's photos. From dainty headbands to cozy blankets, vintage crates to fluffy rugs, our collection is like a playground of possibilities, ensuring each photo is uniquely captivating.

Swaddle Styles for Every Vibe: No two babies are the same, and neither should their swaddles be! Our extensive collection of swaddle styles caters to every taste – whether you're into timeless classics or soft pastels, we've got the perfect wrap to complement your baby's personality.

Safety First, Style Always: While our props and swaddles are undeniably cute, we prioritize safety above all else. Each prop is chosen with utmost care, ensuring that your newborn is comfortably cradled in an environment that is as safe as it is charming. Because your little one's safety is our top priority.

Curated for Timeless Photos: Our prop and swaddle collection isn't just about cuteness; it's about creating timeless photos that you'll treasure forever. The carefully curated selection adds an extra layer of charm to your newborn's session, turning each photo into a work of art.

Ready to dive into the cuteness overload? Contact Kate Buckles Photography to schedule your newborn session by clicking HERE!

newborn baby with cute accessories

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