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A Mini Christmas Photo Shoot: What's in Santa's Sack of Surprises

three girls with red head wreaths

Wondering what a mini Christmas photo shoot with us is all about? Well, let's unwrap the details:

  1. Pre-Shoot Festivities: We'll have a merry chat to get to know your family, your quirks, and your holiday traditions. This ensures your session is as festive and tailored as your ugly Christmas sweater.

  2. Professional Fun-Takers: Our photographer knows just how to make you feel like a holiday superstar. Expect friendly guidance on posing and a few holiday-themed tips and tricks to make you look your festive best.

  3. Laughter Galore: We're here to make your cheeks hurt from laughter and your heart swell with joy. Expect giggles, tickles, and lots of holiday high fives during your shoot.

  4. Santa-Speed Editing: No waiting around for your pictures! Our post-production process is as quick as Santa's sleigh, so you can share your holiday happiness with friends and family ASAP.

couple with a baby and teenager in a christmas setting

Book Your Mini Christmas Photo Shoot Today!

Don't be a Grinch and miss out on the chance to capture holiday happiness with Kate Buckles Photography! Click HERE to book your mini Christmas photo shoot with us and let's embark on a joyful journey to create memories that you'll treasure for holidays to come.

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