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Let Us Work Our Magic, Parents!

family of six with a newborn all in white shirts

When it comes to family photos, we understand that parents often worry about getting their kids to cooperate. You might be concerned about getting the perfect shot with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. But here at Kate Buckles Photography, we want to take that stress off your shoulders and encourage you to simply relax and enjoy the moment. Let the photographer do the heavy lifting, while you focus on creating memories filled with laughter, joy, and those precious, delicate moments.

Why You Should Let Us Work Our Magic

  1. Kid Whisperers: Our experienced photographers are experts at connecting with children, making the entire process feel like a fun game. We have tricks up our sleeves to get those giggles and radiant smiles that melt your heart.

  2. Creative Engagement: We know how to create an atmosphere of wonder and excitement that will naturally draw your kids' attention. From playfully directing their gaze to making them laugh, we have a repertoire of techniques that work like magic.

  3. Parental Relaxation: By entrusting us with the task of engaging the kids, you can sit back and relax. There's no need to stress or worry about how your children are behaving in front of the camera. We've got it under control.

  4. Focused Moments: While your kids are engaged and having fun, you can take this opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way. Share a tender moment, hold their hand, or whisper something sweet. These are the delicate moments we want to capture.

  5. Authenticity: With us behind the camera, you can be your authentic self. The smiles will be real, the laughter genuine, and the joy palpable. It's these moments that will make your family photos truly special.

Click HERE to book your session with us!

mom posing with three boys all in bowties

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