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Tips for a Smooth Clean-Up After Our Paint Mini Sessions!

We’re gearing up for our exciting summer mini sessions with paint at Hartnett Park in Los Ranchos. While the fun and creativity are guaranteed, it's essential to be prepared for the clean-up afterward since we'll be outdoors without access to water.

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Tips for a Smooth Clean-Up:

1. Bring Towels: Pack a few towels to help wipe off the paint after the session. These will come in handy for both kids and adults to clean up before heading home.

2. Pack Wipes: Baby wipes or wet wipes are a must-have. They’re great for quickly removing paint from hands, faces, and any other exposed skin.

3. Extra Clothes: Bring a change of clothes for everyone participating in the session. This way, you can change into clean outfits before getting into your car and heading home.

4. Plastic Bags: Have a few plastic bags on hand to store your paint-covered clothes. This will help keep the mess contained and make it easier to transport everything back home.

5. Water Bottles: While we won’t have access to running water, bringing a few large water bottles can be useful for a quick rinse if needed.

6. Old Shoes: Wear old shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Another option is flip flops! Alternatively, bring an extra pair of shoes to change into after the session.

7. Baby Powder: Sprinkling a little baby powder on paint-covered skin can help make the paint easier to brush off before using wipes or towels.

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  • Wear a White Shirt: Come dressed in white and ready to get messy. The paint is washable, but it’s always best to be prepared for some stains.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure a smooth and easy clean-up after your fun-filled paint mini session. We can’t wait to see you at Hartnett Park and capture the delicate moments, joy, and laughter of this colorful experience.

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