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Adorable Daddy and Me Photo Session Ideas

A dad has such a special bond with his children and it started the very first moment he met them. I LOVE Fathers Day Minis and am so excited to be able to take these fun photos!! These are some ideas I use for my sessions, and great ideas for you to think about before your shoot!!

1. Playtime. If there’s anything that dad’s do better than most, it’s playing games and having fun with their children. If they love being outside, capture them playing on the swing or enjoying a game of hide and seek. If they would prefer to be indoors, let them build a puzzle together or play with their favorite toys.

2. Snuggle up and relax. Get out a few blankets and books and have dad read to them on the floor or on a couch.

3. Get creative. Whether it’s making waffles in the kitchen or painting their next work of art, having the kids get creative with dad makes for some really memorable shots.

4. Dress to match. Why not get your child and their dad a matching outfit that they can wear and pose together in. This could be anything from a waistcoat and bowtie to super hero costumes.

5. Hugs and kisses. This is a great one for young children who love nothing more than to shower their dads with hugs and kisses. While this is a simple idea, it can make for some of the best photos.

6. Take a stroll. Find a pretty location such as a lake or a park where father and child can take a walk. Capture them walking hand in hand or have your child sit on dad’s shoulders.

Ready to join the fun? You can register for Fathers Day Mini's HERE!!



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