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Fantastic Photoshoot Ideas for Children’s Birthdays

baby posing with baseball equipment

Birthdays are such a special occasion, especially when it’s a child’s birthday. There is fun and laughter in the air and so many special moments to capture.

If you’re looking to change things up a bit this year and make your child’s birthday photos even more memorable, try one of these photoshoot ideas:

baby girl doing a cake smash for her first birthday

Bring in the balloons

Dress your little girl in a special dress or your son in a cute shirt and bowtie and head out to a pretty outdoor location such as a farm, field, park or garden. Organise a bunch of balloons that match their outfit and capture them running around and enjoying life.

Chalk it up

Buy some chalk that can be used on floors, fences or chalkboards for super cute photos. Write your child’s age or draw something fun on a wooden fence or solid floor and get them to pose against it. You could also write their age on a funky chalkboard and get them to pose with that too.

Bake a cake

Every birthday needs a cake so why not get your child to help with their cake and capture the moment? Buy some brightly colored equipment such as mixing bowls, spatulas and spoons to bring in a theme and make your photos pop.

Stick to their favorites

If your child has a favorite game or toy that they love to play with, use it as a photoshoot theme. Do they love dolls, Barbie and all things pink? Create a backdrop that incorporates this theme, dress them up, throw in a banner or balloons and add a few props for some fun photos. These are photos that you can look back on years from now to see how much your child’s interests have changed.

Blow some bubbles

Bubbles are, pretty, playful and look great in photos. Dress your child up in something special such as a t-shirt with their age printed on it and capture them blowing bubbles in a beautiful outdoor setting.

You can never get enough photos of your child and their birthday is a great excuse to take some extra special shots.

young toddler eating watermelon

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